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Outsiders often have fixed ideas of Poland: a big, poor country with shambolic governments, dreadful roads and eccentric habits. But the fact is Poland has never been more secure, richer or better-run. In fact, Poland was the only country in the European Union to register economic growth last year, at 1.2%. This was better than any other of the countries making up the EU-27, which includes France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, among others.

Riding a wave of economic progress in Poland, the TVN Group is the leading diversified and multi-platform media company in Poland and one of the largest media companies in Central Europe. With leading market positions and a strong operating performance, TVN Group has outperformed its peer group. The Polish advertising market is on track to return to its peak 2008 levels this year. As a result, TVN Group is well positioned to benefit further development and digitization of the Polish media market.

To share its success and how it plans to continue its growth pattern, Priority PR arranged and managed a press luncheon at the MIP-TV market (April 2011) held in Cannes, France, where top executives including Markus Tellenbach, Christian Anting and Markus Sieger gave presentations to a select group of influential trade and business writers from around Europe. Among the coverage generated at the TVN luncheon was coverage by the leading German business newspaper Handelsblatt (click here to read the article).

The luncheon was positioned and executed as a business meeting with TVN executives sharing market information and strategic direction. The "n" platform, TVN's satellite pay TV business, is the fastest growing operator in Poland. The "n" platform offers more HD channels than any other pay TV service in the market and, at the luncheon, announced a strategic partnership with Fox International, which brought the National Geographic Channel in HD to its lineup. Last year, "n" launched the first regular 3D channel in Poland, "nshow3D," and as part of the agreement with Fox, 'n' also secured 20 hours of National Geographic Channel 3D content.

Kicking off the luncheon, TVN also announced the launch date of the first DTH premium pay TV and broadband internet bundle in Poland. The launch is the next step in the groundbreaking co-operation signed between TVN and Poland's leading broadband supplier Telekomunikacja Polska.

This represents the second time Priority PR has been associated with the TVN Group. When Priority PR served as the agency of record for SBS Broadcasting, TVN was part of the SBS family of channels. During this time, Priority PR hosted a memorable press junket in Warsaw on behalf of SBS, which was highlighted by a kickoff chandelier candlelit dinner featuring a Chopin recital at the scenic restaurant on the lake in Lazienki park, following by a press junket at an exclusive Polish members-only club and concluding with the famous "vodka" dinner at the Gessler restaurant in the old town of Warsaw. Pozdrawiam!