Scalar Decisions Case Study

scalarTo kick off 2012 and to usher in one of the more exciting digital initiatives in Canada, Priority PR took the lead in spearheading a communication strategy for the launch of RenderCloud, a new local server farm that will allow studios to ramp up their production lines on processor-hungry projects.

Scalar Decisions, the Vancouver Studio Group and Great Northern Way Campus have teamed up to launch the unique cloud computing centre that will make Canada a serious competitor in making 3D movies, animation, special effects and gaming.  The new super-computer processing hub, the first of its kind in Canada, will be located at Great Northern Way Campus, where it can tap into B.C. power and Internet grids.

RenderCloud is built by Scalar Decisions, an experienced IT solutions integrator and managed services provider, and it will be open for business on February 15th.  RenderCloud will start-up with approximately 600 computer servers and Scalar, which is investing $4 million into the project, intends to expand RenderCloud to 1,500 servers by the summertime.  Down the road, RenderCloud will be capable of housing 5,000 servers.  The joint venture will allow for clients to not only pay for server technology on an “as-needed” cost-per-day model but also to sublease their resources to other studios during slower production periods.

In this global industry, RenderCloud will make Vancouver competitive with London and New Zealand, now the cities that make blockbusters like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.  This new campus will keep Vancouver from losing major movies, gaming and animation opportunities from a lack of computing capacity.  The venture is also designed to attract new productions to British Columbia.

It’s a unique Canadian model, where the computers are shared between studio clients.  RenderCloud supports the fact that Vancouver’s digital economy is on the rise and further evidence that Great Northern Way Campus is becoming an epicenter for the digital and creative community.

“Digital media is changing the means by which content is created, distributed and consumed,” said Richard Brownsey, the president CEO at BC Film + Media, which is a partner in RenderCloud.   “RenderCloud will definitely contribute to our competitive position and to our success in international markets.”

Priority PR provided valuable media guidance and direction to the launch of RenderCloud.  To kick off the media campaign, the Vancouver Sun broke the story with extensive coverage, (click here to see the article), followed by other media breaks in The Hollywood Reporter and the Business in Vancouver.

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