Global Eagle Acquisition Corp.

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Startup companies can come in all forms. Priority PR's team of strategy consultants are experts when it comes to putting these entities on the map. Whether the company is looking to make its mark in the US, Latin America, Europe, Canada, or Asia, Priority PR has delivered successful results for its clients with new operations to launch.

Global Eagle Acquisition Corp., which was formed by media entrepreneur Harry Sloan and entertainment industry veteran Jeff Sagansky, is the most recent example to share with you how the Priority PR team can swing into action.

Sloan GlobalEagleLaunched in February of 2011, Global Eagle raised $190 million of seed capital to invest and operate media and entertainment businesses that have high growth potential in the US and overseas. The money raised by Global Eagle was the largest initial public offering of a US-based Special Purpose Acquisition Company (or known as a "SPAC") in the last three years.

Priority PR handled the launched from several different angles, which began with a media relationship building campaign. While some PR operations believe that giving exclusives to a single media outlet is the best way to secure maximum visibility, Priority PR doesn't play favorites. We strive to keep the media on an equal playing field and then work individually with each outlet to develop targeted stories and articles. Such was the case with Global Eagle as we widely distributed a press release that garnered coverage in The Los Angeles Times, Businessweek, Deadline Hollywood, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter, among others. Based on the positive press generated, Sloan, the chairman of Global Eagle, was invited on Bloomberg Television for a 7-minute segment in which he spoke about the future prospects and possible acquisition targets of Global Eagle as well as trends in the new digital universe.

Continuing the momentum as Global Eagle continues to search for its first investment, Priority PR secured the opening keynote for Sloan at TheGrill, an entertainment and media leadership conference held in September of 2011. TheGrill is a conference extension of TheWrap, and features the most innovative thinkers and commanding voices at the intersection of entertainment, media and technology. In addition to Sloan, other featured speakers included, "Modern Family" creator Steve Levitan and Arianna Huffington.

As a lead up to the conference, TheWrap's Sharon Waxman conducted an extensive interview with Sloan and Sagansky. The interview ran on TheWrap's website (and was picked up by Reuters) the day of the conference. The article was included in TheGrill's conference program. Click here to read TheWrap article.