Flying High with the Pan Am Experience
  • Pan Am Experience stewardess has fun while serving up the bubbly.
  • Pan Am Experience stewardess has fun while serving up the bubbly.

  • Flying High with the Pan Am Experience
  • 2C’s fantasy flight captain Chris Sloan (founder/chief creative officer) and co-pilot Brian Eloe (creative director) entertain their guests.

“Come fly with us!” read the invitations to a rather unusual event Priority PR had the pleasure of planning and executing for long-time client, 2C Creative. Through the Pan Am Experience, 2C took a “who’s who” of television executives on a fantasy flight back to the golden age of travel… a time when Sinatra crooned, flight attendants were still called stewardesses and the journey was just as magical as the destination.

The setting for this two-night extravaganza was an authentic replica Pan Am 747 aircraft, fully equipped with all the trappings and ambience one might expect while traveling in the ‘70s, including, of course, the multi-course first-class meal and as much bubbly (and other libations) the guests could handle during one fantastic fictional flight.

2C chose the themed event as a unique way to entertain and network with current, past and potential clients attending the industry’s annual television marketing and promotion confab, PromaxBDA, which happened to be in Los Angeles that June. To stand out amidst a bevy of creatives throwing clever PromaxBDA-timed parties, 2C solicited the help of Priority PR, knowing a key part of our business is producing stand-out events.

Priority’s own event queen, Jacqueline Martoredjo, led the charge in planning out every detail, working closely with VP, Kristien Brada-Thompson, to bring it all together. From invitations and custom boarding passes to transportation, vendor liaising and entertainment, we covered every base to help realize the vision of 2C founder and self-proclaimed aviation nut Chris Sloan.

A truly exclusive affair, the Pan Am Experience is equipped to seat only 32 guests per dinner, so Priority PR worked with 2C to schedule two separate nights, with the goal of successfully filling both “flights.” We started with mailed invitations that conjured up the Pan Am ‘70s vibe through campy text and ambient graphics. Interactive digital invites provided an effective follow-up, allowing potential guests to watch a “TODAY Show” segment that featured the Pan Am Experience and built more excitement. Priority PR handled all RSVPs, dinner orders and special requests.

Simultaneously, we fine-tuned the event flow with Air Hollywood, which produces and hosts the Pan Am Experience from its Los Angeles studio. Air Hollywood is the world’s largest aviation-themed studio serving the motion picture, television industry and commercial production industries. In addition to airplane mockups and airport terminal standing sets, the company provides prop rentals, set design and fabrication services. Its sets have been featured in such notable films as “The Wolf of Wall Street and “Bridesmaids” and TV series like “Mad Men” and “Lost.”

Knowing Air Hollywood’s studio was 35 miles from the JW Marriott, PromaxBDA’s conference site in downtown LA, we had to plan around unpredictable traffic, devising a way to shuttle guests to and from the party, all while keeping them entertained and comfortable. Champagne was key in this equation, and it had to be flowing the moment people stepped onto the chartered bus. We also needed a visual component to set the mood for the evening to come, so the buses were equipped with video screens showing historical Pan Am flight footage and commercials.

To accommodate travel time and make sure guests could return to the Marriott at a reasonable hour (there WAS a conference happening, after all), we helped Air Hollywood create a streamlined version of its typical event, which is truly a four-course dinner theater style production, complete with fashion shows, funny announcements and even a trivia game. The pacing had to be tightened for an abbreviated schedule that would still provide all of the evening’s best highlights, including a set tour to wrap it all up. Priority PR attended to every detail, even contributing ‘70s-era trivia questions themed to appeal to our client’s TV industry guests.

When it all came together, the two nights were at full capacity and guests were delighted at every twist and turn along the way. With Sloan dressed as “the captain” and Creative Director Brian Eloe adorned as co-pilot, each magical flight took them on one incredibly journey without ever leaving the ground.

“We are currently cruising at an altitude of 15 feet, but if you’ve been drinking a few adult beverages, you may be flying a bit higher,” Sloan quipped to a roar of laughter from his guests, which included top-level executives from ABC, BET, Cartoon Network, CBS, CNN/Turner, DIRECTV, Discovery, Disney XD, FOX, Fuse, History Channel, HGTV, National Geographic Television, MSNBC, NBC, NFL, Nuvo, PBS, Sony, Spike, Telemundo, Travel Channel, Twentieth TV and Warner Bros., among others.

In the end, it was clear to all that this was no ordinary PromaxBDA party… and their smiles proved it.