Everything is Possible with Armando Manzanero

“Somos Novios” is a song written by the premier Mexican bolero Armando Manzanero in 1970.  The song was translated into English immediately by Sid Wayne and first recorded by Perry Como the same year under the title of “It’s Impossible,” becoming one of the most popular and recognizable boleros of all time.

ARMANDO MANZANERO not only wrote that song, but 400 others – 50 of which became known worldwide. With an incredible career that has spanned 55 years, Mr. Manzanero is widely considered one of the most successful composers in Latin America, an accomplishment that earned him a Lifetime Grammy Achievement Award this year.

ArmandoManzanero 2On August 14, 2014, Priority PR worked closely with this musical legend in conjunction with long-time client, Mexico’s Canal 22, to coordinate and present a major event at the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles.

Priority PR was charged with event management and publicity services, tapping its deep contacts within LA’s Hispanic media.  Canal 22 was celebrating 10 years in the United States with an international feed of its channel carried by leading American satellite and cable companies such as DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications and AT&T U-verse, among others. 

As part of its anniversary celebration, Canal 22 was introducing an original series entitled “La Musica Con Manzanero.”  Starring the great Mexican singer-songwriter, the 13-epsiode program explores the music of Mr. Manzanero and also delves into the history of romantic music in Mexico from many of his accomplished musical friends, including Aleks Syntek, Ely Guerra, Celso Pina, Alex Lora and La Sonora Santanera.

Mr. Manzanero agreed to fly to Los Angeles and perform a special showcase at the Mexican Consulate, with Canal 22 cameras recording his performance.  The performance will be presented in an episode of “La Musica Con Manzanerno” scheduled to air on November 16.

As Priority PR kicked off the 5PM event in sunny downtown Los Angeles, TV crews from the major Hispanic media outlets -- Univision, Telemundo, MundoFOX, Estrella’TV, and Azteca America -- started to arrive and Mr. Manzanero, dressed in a dapper, blue-powdered suit, appeared at the step and repeat for a photo opportunity.

The press room began to fill up with reporters from Hoy Newspapers, Billboard, Unidos En El Sur De California, Alegra Magazine, Laughing Out Loud Magazine and LaRemix.com, and Mr. Manzanero gave one-on-one interviews with Univision’s “El Gordo y La Flaca,” Telemundo’s “Acceso Total” and Estrella’TV’s “En Vivo” before taking the stage with Canal 22’s General Director, Raul Cremoux. 

After the press conference presentation, there were a few more one-on-one interview opportunities, but then the Maestro prepared for his performance.  The room was packed with more than 150 guests -- some standing in the back to grab a glance as Mr. Manzanero played and sang some of his most successful ballads.

Priority PR, known for its expertise in planning and executing successful, publicity-generating  events, has established a long standing relationship in the Latin America media market and continues to represent leading companies in the region.  No matter what the language or the local custom or tradition, our team has the experience, knowledge and cultural sensitivity to bring success to any and all projects.

We are proud of our association with Mr. Manzanero and wish him much success with his new TV show on Canal 22 Mexico.